First, thank you for visiting our site.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are great cat lovers, a love affair that started a long time ago in 1990.  Our first kitten was a  common cat named "Bijou"!  One year later we bought our second cat, a Persian named "Chanel". We where off. Then came "Lady", another Persian. In 1997 we bought "Mousty" a Carthuizer and in 1998 we bought our first Maine Coon "Sissi". Then we really got started.

The show bug  bit us. Six months later our Sissi was Champion of Belgium. After Sissi we bought another common cat named "Vlekje" for our son, and our first tomcat,  a Maine Coon, called "Max"! Max was born in Germany. He is very sweet and affectionate. He was also Belgian Champion within six months.

We now had two Maine Coons,  and the time was right to start a Cattery.